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可以的,know sb,认识某人,know sb well 对某人熟悉 know about sb 了解某人的有关事情。 例如:I know him well,but I don't know well about him.我对他很熟悉,但是有关他的事情不是很了解。 I know the plan,but I don't know well about i...

well know 知道 well know 网络 著名; 众所周知; 众所周知的; 著名的



前者只能用成I WELL KNOW YOU=I KNOW YOU WELL我很了解你。 后者应改成:WELL-KNOWN是著名的意思,形容词

I don't know much about sth 这里用的是much.你懂的。 对于你的问题我只能说没听说过know sth very ……的。 知道的比较少,可以采用其他的说法


you know well 你知道的 You know well that I'm no fool. 您知道我不是傻子。 But it's your party, why don't you invite just the people you know well? 但是这是你们开的舞会,为什么不邀请你较熟悉的人呢? You know well that people ref...

4.Although he did not know London well,he made his way___ to the airport.. A.easyenough B.enough C.easilyenough D.enough easily 匿名...

as well you know, 是如你所知的 而且不写as well as 只写as well you know。 或者as you well know. 众所周知一般说 saying ******* as is known to everyone it is well known that ************* 星号里写说的内容,但是这两个句子是众所周知。


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