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n.邮票; 标志,印记; 跺脚; 特征;vt.标记; 盖章于…; 贴邮票于…; 用脚踩踏;vi.捣碎; 跺脚;


stamp n。 邮票 stamp n。 邮票(复数) 常见词组:collect stamps 集邮 希望能帮上你。。

Miss White doesn't like collecting stamps

1、绿色邮票(有时专指:绿色的龙马邮票) 2、[美国英语] 经济补助票 3、[常作 Green Stamps] 金钱、钞票

document and stamps 文件和邮票 stamps 英[stæmps] 美[stæmps] n.邮票; 印( stamp的名词复数 ); 跺脚; 标志; [例句]The new commemorative stamps are all sold out. 新纪念邮票全卖完了。

My hobby is collect stamps) My hobby is collect stamps. I have collected more than two hundred stamps. I began to collect them one year ago. I like stamps because they are very beautiful and very interesting. Every stamp have ...

how long have you collected your stamps 你收集了你的邮票多久了 how long have you collected your stamps 你收集了你的邮票多久了

collection large adj.多数的,大的,由large的词性和意思我们可知 large是为了修饰后面的词语 而large是形容词,形容词修饰名字 而collect是动词,而collection是名词,故用collection



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